My second trip to the Warehouse Project this year was very special.

Back in July, Modeselektor announced that their Berlin-based label 50weapons was to close its doors after a decade of 50 releases – always the intention, but still a sad day.

So, what better way to round it off than with a showcase of the duo’s label, the cream of Berlin techno, in a finale performance at Store Street, in collaboration with long-time partners WHP.

I’d say this was one of, if not the highlight of this years WHP calender, so I was amazed that tickets were still available right up until Friday, but nonetheless, the place was still banging.

We arrived at about 10.30pm, peak time for Addison Groove’s set. A set which, to my surprise, featured a number of bassline tunes, including universal banger ‘Rip Groove’ by Double 99.

Next up was Doc Daneeka b2b Benjamin Damage. These two do pretty much everything together, from production to dj sets – to an exquisite standard. I just recently bought 50weapons #42, which features their new one ‘Kansas’, accompanied by B-side ‘Closing Sequence’ from Bicep. Stupidly good record. Anyway, Daneeka & Damage obviously smashed it, with selections including 1DERL& – Rays House (Kamikaze Space Programme remix) and Jeff Mills deep house remix of Lionrock’s ‘Packet of Peace’.

We moved into room one for the first time for Clark’s live ‘Phosphor’ show. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it, it was breathtaking. ‘Superscope’ live was absolutely euphoric. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever witnessed. At one point he was playing tunes at about 150/160bpm, maybe faster. The crowd had no idea how to react. Simply mesmerising.

Unfortunately we didn’t see much of Truncate, as it was around this time we found out about the atrocities that had occurred in Paris, so we spent a good hour in the smoking area on our phones looking into it.

Horrendous news aside, we ventured back into room one for the headline: Siriusmodeselektor – Gernot & Szarsy’s new project, in collaboration with Siriusmo. I caught a brief glimpse of their performance at Parklife festival back in June, but this was something else.

Versatile as always, they put on one hell of a show. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best performance I’ve witnessed at WHP. The absolute pioneers of electronic music in full force. Siriusmo’s ‘High Together’ notably went off, but it was the Modeselektor classics that really made the set special. ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘Grillwalker’ were ludicrously good, and I was nearly reduced to tears when they played their remix of Radiohead’s ‘Good Evening Mrs. Magpie’ – one of my all time favourites.

After an unbelievable set, we headed into room 2 to catch the end of James Zabiela, before returning to room one for Rodhad.

Rodhad’s set was brilliant. He played one of my current favourites; Kink’s remix of DJ Dozia’s Pop Culture, along with timeless classics ‘Jaguar’ by DJ Rolando, and ‘The Bells’ by Jeff Mills.

Impressively, we lasted the whole night, and, with everything going to plan, got a taxi home at 5am.

Unbelievable night. RIP 50weapons.