My last Warehouse Project trip of 2015 boasted a diverse selection of artists; hand-picked by ever-evolving electronic veteran Hudson Mohawke.

Annoyingly, the artists I was most looking forward to seeing weren’t on until later on in the night, which meant there was a lot of thumb-twiddling for the first few hours.

In that time however, PC Music founder A.G Cook delivered a typically weird and wonderful set; his distorted electronic pop sounds managing to connect with a so-far confused crowd, in particular his 2014 release ‘Beautiful’.

Half past midnight was when the night really began though. This was my second time seeing my favourite new grime artist: Novelist. The first time I saw him was in the summer at Parklife festival but a number of technical difficulties meant I left disappointed. Also, as a result of him simply not turning up to so many of his recent bookings, I’d become skeptical of him even showing his face.

Fortunately, I was wrong; Novelist blew the roof off of Store Street. It was a breath of fresh air to what I am used to witnessing at such a venue: Mosh-pits, reloads, and all-round hype. The set featured a mixture of familiar Nov bangers; such as ‘Endz’, ‘Lewisham McDeez’, ‘1 Sec’, and ‘Pengaleng’, entwined with impressive freestyle over a selection of huge grime instrumentals, including ‘Bloom – Quartz’, and some classics from Dizzee and Wiley. Not only that, he also brought out fellow South London MC ‘Bonkaz’ to send the crowd into a complete frenzy with a special version of ‘We Run The Block’.

Before I had time to catch my breath, Hudson Mohawke had begun his live show. This was the third time I’ve seen him perform live this year, with two spectacular performances at Parklife and Leeds Festival forcing me to witness his expertise once again. He began the set with material from his newest album ‘Lantern’; with tracks such as ‘System’, ‘Ryderz’, and ‘Brand New World’ giving the sound system a good thumping. My personal favourite ‘Shadows’ never fails to amaze me when performed live, the production is admirable, and the second drop catches me off guard every single time. The back end of the set saw the introduction of the HudMo classics: ‘FUSE’, ‘Thunder Bay’, and ‘Higher Ground’ by TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke & Lunice) bringing the house down as usual. He ended with a brand new track; completing a perfectly constructed performance. My third time seeing him and definitely the best. Different class.

After an intense display, Radio 1xtra DJ Benji B restored order with a relaxed set; featuring a selection of groovy house, grime, and rap. JME’s ‘Man Don’t Care’, and Drake’s ‘Jumpman’ being amongst the crowd-pleasers.

I had been waiting eagerly all night for what was surely going to be an interesting b2b from Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson; yet half an hour was all I lasted before accepting how much of a let down it was. They opened with what I think was one of the most disappointing collaborations of 2015: Travis Scott and Kanye West’s ‘Piss On Your Grave’, followed by irregular beat patterns for a solid thirty minutes. I couldn’t tell whether it was intentional, or that Ronson (I assume) simply couldn’t mix; either way it wasn’t easy on the ears.

At this point my friends and I decided to call it a night. Irritatingly, I missed ’50Weapons’ regular Bambounou, but six hours of Warehouse Project really does melt your brain, so it was probably for the best.

Overall, WHP delivered once again. Different to usual, but insanely good.