Decided to try and start posting a bit more regularly by sharing my top 5 tracks of the week, every week; not necessarily new releases, just tracks that I’ve really enjoyed listening to and/or mixing with.

5. DJ Sonikku – On The Rocks

The second track from DJ Sonikku’s debut EP ‘Secret Island’, which was released Friday on Lobster Theremin’s ‘Distant Hawaii’ imprint. A really interesting record from a man who uses the Sega Megadrive’s Yamaha soundchip to create relaxing 16-bit house tunes. Lovely mixture of balearic dance and video game nostalgia in this one.

4. Jesse James Soloman – The Ride Home

The final track from the South London rapper’s second EP of the same name. Just can’t stop listening to this one. With a monotonous flow reminiscent of a UK Milo, and an accent not too dissimilar from The Street’s frontman Mike Skinner, Soloman preaches about the highs and lows of his rapper lifestyle, namely his inability to feel emotions. Thought-provoking hip-hop at its finest.

3. Mall Grab – Can’t

Track four from Mall Grab’s ‘Sun Ra’ EP, forthcoming March 11 on Church. Lovely ambient house take on Mala’s ‘Alicia’, which samples Alicia Keys’ ‘Feeling U, Feeling Me’ interlude. It’s the subtlety of this track that makes it so easy on the ears; filtered bass supplying atmosphere and the repeated vocals: ‘2 hour long conversations on the phone, can’t get you outta my mind’ supplying sexiness. Pre-ordered this one without second thought, especially seeing as you can’t grab ‘Alicia’ for less than £150 (no pun intended).

2. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Timo Maas Extended Mix)

Depeche Mode’s ‘Remixes 81-04’ album features several interesting remixes of their acclaimed classic ‘Enjoy The Silence’, none more so than this old school techno thumper from Timo Maas. Maas’ progressive style gives this version a real sense of “Shit, it’s Enjoy The Silence!” when the vocals are finally introduced, before coming out of nowhere with a robotic, Kraftwerk-esque drop. Really good remix of a proper classic, and really nice to mix with.

1. Florist – Marine Drive

“See the puddles, isn’t it wonderful? My home.” B-Side from Florist’s ‘Phenomena’ EP which was released last summer on All Caps. Was repressed recently so managed to grab a copy. Beautiful from start to finish this one: euphoric synths, expert drum patterns and unexpected cowbells form an exquisitely-produced record. The only question I ask is why he felt the need to make it sound as if I’ve ripped it from a preview by adding “Exclusive” and “DJ” every thirty seconds.😦