Going to start doing this on Mondays because I’m too busy at weekends.

5. Leon Vynehall – Kiburu’s

Leon Vynehall has finally shared new material from his highly anticipated 12″, Rojus, forthcoming April 1 on Running Back. The eight-part record was created through inspiration from a National Geographic documentary about birds and their courtship rituals. Vynehall drew similarities between birds and their attempts to impress the opposite sex through dance with strangers trying to attract one another on the dance floor in clubs; “this gave me the idea of creating a record of functional club music, sequenced as if it were a club night, from doors to closing, using samples of these birds of paradise and their habitat.” Kiburu’s is the penultimate track from the release; with a real end of the night vibe, it takes you on a melodic journey in typical Vynehall esprit.

4. Bonobo – Ghomrassen

In light of the new Star Wars film: ‘The Force Awakens’, hip-hop pioneer Rick Rubin has teamed up with Hollywood Records to produce a Star Wars themed electronic compilation album, using samples from the acclaimed films. Bonobo is one of a diverse roster that features on the fifteen-track production, entitled ‘Star Wars Headspace’, with Flying Lotus, Rustie, and Shlohmo also contributing. ‘Ghomrassen’ (the largest of Tatooine’s three moons. lol nerd.) pays homage to the sounds of Star Wars in signature Bonobo fashion; downtempo progression through every ambient sound effect available builds to a gradual halt, before a series of intense percussion makes R2-D2 lose his shit. The full album can be streamed here.

3. Curtiss King – Venice Beach (ft. Oh Gosh Leotus)

After working with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, E-40, and Ab-Soul, California-born hip-hop producer Curtiss King has turned his focus to solo work. Venice Beach is the third track from his latest full length LP ‘Creatine’, released February 12 on Alpha Pup; an album which represents the lifestyle associated with fitness and pushing the body to next levels. Packed with west coast funk, synths and experimental electronica, Venice Beach makes for a hip-hop instrumental with a futuristic groove.

2. Archive – Keep Guard (Sly-One Remix)

Bristol-based trio Sly-One return with a ridiculous remix for fellow-Bristolian Archive’s ‘Keep Guard EP’, which was released today on Tumble Audio. Sly-One’s interpretation of this enormous track complements Tumble Audio’s Grime, Bassline, and Garage infrastructure with elements of Dubstep and 130bpm Bass; giving the Rasta vocals that added intensity. Eerie breakdowns and peculiar screeches further supplement their distinct production style.

1. DBM – Ride With U

Deadboy and Murlo’s music is the most unique sound in contemporary UK dance music in my opinion; unmistakable high pitched vocals entwined with elements of Dancehall, Garage, and Bassline create the strangest, most enjoyable genre I’ve ever feasted my ears on. After working together for the past eighteen months, the pair are finally releasing a two-track EP, entitled ‘Ride With U/Squeeze’, forthcoming March 4 on DBM Productions. ‘Ride With U’ epitomises DBM to a tee, moulding all of their signature production techniques into one, and making grown men dance like little girls.