Sam Halligan

Multimedia Journalist


Hi, I’m Sam.

I am an aspiring journalist with a First Class (BA Hons) Degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Salford.

I have been writing regularly from a young age. Contributing to my college blog most weeks, it was my love for writing about music especially that led me to further my interest and ultimately decide to study journalism at University.

Although my work is generally print and online based, I have explored a range of platforms throughout my time as a journalist; producing work across television and radio, and familiarising myself with software such as InDesign, Adobe Audition, and Avid.

I have been a regular contributor to my University’s news platform ‘Quays News’, writing an array of¬†features, reviews and news articles over my time at MediaCityUK.

I have also seen a range of work published on – my local towns news website – during a placement period in which I went out into the field, organised and conducted interviews, and completed work to deadlines in order for it to be published in accordance with events.

Aside from my academic work, I produce music and DJ; and have an Industry Diploma in Electronic Music Production. I began blogging about my musical interests last year, building contacts and relationships with artists I regularly listen to – allowing me to conduct interviews and produce features on them.

Featured on this site is the majority of my work and my contact details should you wish to contact me.

All the best.