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Par Avion unveils its third release via four sinuous club-driven composites from Agrippa.

Formed in 2018 by Agrippa, Henry Greenleaf, and Meta, Par Avion has received growing support from the UK techno/bass music community, with Henry Greenleaf’s Fold Together and the Passed for Transmission compilation setting a precedent for askew rhythmic endeavours.

With past releases on the likes of Circular Jaw and Brotherhood Sound System, Agrippa has been patiently sculpting his winding percussive workouts. Following his debut solo 12” on Orson’s Version last year, he has teased an abundance of unreleased material via radio and guest mixes for Worldwide FM, DJ Mag, and NTS.

Perhaps the most discernible from said mixes is A1 ‘Squid Girls’, a frantic and intense excursion, incorporating polyrhythmic weirdness and ground-shaking techno. In circulation for a while now, an entrancing, mutilated bell dominates the discourse, while subtle yet meticulous alterations allow the track to progress flawlessly between each shift in energy. Good to finally see this one getting a release.

Agrippa has this ability to coherently forge an array of rhythmic ideas and have them all somehow working in unison to one consistent groove. A2 and title-track ‘Dead Wait’ adopts this character in a dark, rolling fashion; with malevolent bass-weight and dread-inciting pads building a sustained, foreboding atmosphere; Mischievous squelches and bleeps further underline the intuitive sound design at the heart of his style.

Not only a master of wonky percussive rhythms, Agrippa’s unique leads are instantly recognisable, and often sound otherworldly. Take the relationship between the erratic bass synths on the B1 for example, one bounces along purposefully, while the other pierces through the intervals with rippling effect. Inclined to exploring a more emotive aspect in his productions, the end of ‘Spice Raiders’ sees a surprisingly gut-wrenching vox synth cut through out of nowhere – and could easily be another track in it’s own right.

B2 ‘Scabs’ closes the EP with weighty subs and agitated bleeps traversing a purgatoric field of light and dark exchanges. Ending on a decidedly sombre note, chilling atmospherics and distorted drum-work prove further testament to Agrippa’s inventive style, concluding an uninhibited exploration of club-focused UK techno.

Dead Wait EP is out now on Par Avion, buy here.